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Contribute: Outreach

These tasks are suitable for people interested in helping to promote Sahana Eden and support the community. They require a variety of skills.


Take Minutes during Sahana Community Call

You will need to attend the Sahana Community Call and take notes in the Google Doc. These calls will be on WebEx (teleconference software) and will take place on the second Tuesday of the month. Details here:

Update Sahana Eden Sahana Deployments

Ensure that the following places have the same up-to-date information:

Update Sahana Eden Brochure

Based on: and material from the Wiki & Web


Create a Sahana Prezi


Create a Sahana Infographic

Include information on:

  • Where has it been used
  • What does it do
  • Who supports it
  • How can it help your organisation

This should be submitted in an open format that can be edited

Create Instructional Videos for the Sahana Eden CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) Broker

DONE - All three tasks are complete. Videos have been linked through the User Guidelines - Alerts

  • Create a narrated (voice-over or text on screen) videos demonstrating the functionality of the Eden CAP Broker (each video is one task)
    1. How to set up a profile and configure the Eden CAP Broker (2 - 3 minutes) - " watch video"
    2. How to Create a CAP template (2 - 3 minutes) - "watch video"
    3. How to generate a CAP message (2 - 3 minutes) - "watch video"
  • Basically follow this alerting wiki guide, which has each of the sections 1 - 3 described. The video should not be any longer than 3 minutes.
  • To document setting 1) setting up a profile by changing the deployment settings, you may need to get that file from the eden repo in github ; if uncertain ask on IRC channel #sahana-eden, one of the mentors will assist you.
  • To document 2) create a template, and 3) generate a CAP message; you may use the Eden Demo.
  • After the video has been reviewed and approved by the mentor, then link the video to your task making the word "video" a hyperlink pointing to the vimeo, youtube or other place public video hosting site.

Add your name here if you have claimed making a particular video

Task Student Name Link to Video
1 Create Profile and Configuration Alex Video
2 Create CAP Template Vijay Video
3 Generate CAP message Rohit Video

Give a presentation on Sahana Eden to a Group

Hard. Give a presentation about Sahana Eden Open Source Disaster Management Software to a group of people.

  1. Prepare your presentation (notes/PowerPoint/demo) and share with the Sahana Eden MailingList
  2. Deliver your presentation. If possible record this on video.
  3. Report back to the Sahana Eden MailingList
    • Who attended?
    • What were the most interested in?
    • What questions did they ask?
    • How would you improve you presentation next time?

Create A Disaster Scenario

The task is to describe how your local emergency response organisations and citizens plan to act in a disaster, and to collect real or at least realistic data which can be used to demonstrate some of the capabilities of Sahana Eden, if it were being used by those agencies. The task requires research on disaster preparedness and response capabilities in your location.

There are two goals for this task: One is to prepare data that can be used to run a disaster simulation. But the other is for you to become familiar with the emergency response agencies and procedures where you live. You may want to talk to your family about what you find out, especially about what people should do in an emergency.

The first step is to identify the main organisations that provide emergency response in your area. For example, these might be:

  • Local government emergency management agency
  • Local office of the national government emergency management agency
  • Non-governmental agencies, such as the Red Cross / Red Crescent
  • Fire department
  • Citizen preparedness groups and citizen emergency response groups

Try to identify about four agencies. What does each agency do in an emergency? Do the agencies coordinate activities with each other? How do they communicate with the public? What should citizens be watching for, so they can be sure not to miss emergency messages?

Next choose a type of emergency to describe. Is there a type of emergency that is common in your area? or a type that people are concerned about? Look for information about what to expect in such an emergency -- what the agencies will do, and what citizens are supposed to do.

For a simulation using Eden, data is needed that represents the organisations, their offices, staff, equipment, and supplies. With this, participants can role-play activities performed during the emergency, such as assigning staff, requisitioning equipment, and distributing supplies. You will need to collect some real data, and invent other data as needed, and save them in a format that can be imported directly into Sahana Eden through the pre-populate functionality. This is done by creating a number of CVS files that conform carefully to the format described in each file. Template CSV files are attached to this page (see Attachments below).

The real data would include the names, locations, and contact information for the organisations. Invented data would be locations of offices and warehouses, names and skills of staff, and what equipment and supplies they have available.

Note: When adding invented personal information it is essential that the names and contact information do not match any real person. All email addresses can be from the domain, thus the email address for an invented person named Joe Bloggs might be, phone numbers should be in a legal format for the locale, but should not be real phone numbers.

Within Eden all email addresses must be unique. To avoid any clash with existing data or data generated by other participants, you can include your melange id immediately before the @, thus for an id of 2154, Joe Blogg's email would become

To complete the task you will need to meet the following minimum specifications:

Each scenario must contain a (short) description. This must be no more than about 1000 words (about 2 pages of text) describing the following:

  • The location (country, province, town,...) and setting (what is the area like? are there local geological or other features that contribute to disasters?).
  • The type of disaster the organistions are preparing for.
  • What does each organisation do in a disaster?
  • What are citizens expected to do?
  • Are there any known problems with existing disaster response capabilities?

If there are instructions online for what citizens should do to prepare for emergencies, or in the event of an emergency, include those.

Collect (or invent) these amounts of data for each type of resource:

Type of resource Number of entries File
Organisation 4 org/organisation.csv
Office 8 org/office.csv
Warehouse 4 org/office.csv
Staff 40 hrm/person.csv
Staff skills 80 hrm/person.csv
Assets 20 asset/asset.csv
Stock 80 inv/inv_item.csv

To enter the data in spreadsheets, download the attached archive file "research disaster". That has appropriate CSV files with appropriate columns for the data to collect. Package the filled CSV files in a zip file like the original download. (Ignore the req.csv file.)

A good way to get descriptions of the columns in the csv files is to look at the forms for the same type of data online at:
Register for an account and log in. Then you can look at the forms to create these same types of data. Each form has help info for its fields -- look for the ? beside the field and hover the mouse there. Some fields have a list of allowed values in a pulldown menu. (One caution: the demo server is for people to try out, so people may add data that appears in some pulldown menus. Just because a menu has a list doesn't mean these are the only values you can use. If it looks like what's in a pulldown menu isn't a complete and standardized list of values, or if there's a way to add values, then you can choose your own values.)

For the organization sector and type, you can use the ones shown here:
The sectors are official UN sectors, and are very broad. Firefighting and police would be listed as "Protection", and any medical agency as "Health", for instance. Some agencies may provide more than one type of service, e.g. the Red Cross might manage shelters and provide food and medical assistance. List the main purpose of the agency.

There is no official list of skills, since the names differ per agency. But you can select names of skills that are appropriate to disaster response, and the agency to which an invented person belongs. The skills for a person go in the Skills column in person.csv. If you give a person more than one skill, put quotes around the list of skills and separate them with commas -- the quotes will prevent the commas from being interpreted as separate columns. To have 80 skills for 40 people, assign approximately two per person.

Offices and Warehouses are both stored together in a table of offices -- the only difference is in the Type column. Warehouses have type Warehouse. To see the types for offices, go to
and to see that the form for warehouses is the same except for type, look at

(Note to students: If you have Eden installed -- which is recommended -- you can try uploading your data through the "pre-populate" function. Ask on IRC about this. Note to mentors: The recommended means of testing the data for this task is to attempt to import the data in a pre-populate folder.)


Edit the Community Newsletter

This is done monthly & is currently done by the CEO

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