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Contribute: QA


Report 2 Bugs in Sahana Eden

Explore either the The Sahana Eden Demo Site or a local instance of Sahana Eden as see if you can find any bugs. Report them following

Review Open Tickets in Sahana Eden's Bug Tracker

  1. Select a ticket from the list of [report/1 Active Tickets] that hasn't been reviewed already during GCI.
  2. Review that the the bug that it describes still occurs, or that the feature that it describes has not been implemented and is still relevant.
  3. Update the ticket:
    1. If the description is unclear, add a better description.
    2. If there are several issues in the ticket, say which ones are still broken.
    3. Get screenshots if they're useful.
    4. Add anything else you think would be helpful.
    5. Add "Reviewed for GCI" so people know this one is done.

Write Manual Test Cases for a Sahana Eden Module

Write up the steps to perform the user tasks in the module, automate the tests using Selenium IDE, provide test data where useful. Document the User's workflows as test cases in the Sahana Eden Tests spreadsheet (Test Scripts sheet). Include any test data you use. You should test as much of the functionality as possible.


Create An Automated Tests for a Test Scripts from the Sahana Eden Tests Spreadsheet

Find 2 test cases in the Sahana Eden Tests spreadsheet which have not been automated and create automated tests for them. Follow the instructions on DeveloperGuidelines/Testing.

Complete an Automated Tests for a Sahana Eden Module

The following Tests have been started, but have not yet been completed. The have been write, but the syntax used in these tests is not corrected and needs to be fixed. You will need to used selenium commands to select elements to run the tests instead of the create function in eden/modules/tests/ Follow the instructions on DeveloperGuidelines/Testing to complete these tests, ensure that they run correctly and add them to the suite.

  • Asset:
    • eden/modules/tests/asset/
    • eden/modules/tests/asset/
  • Members:
    • eden/modules/tests/member/
  • Project:
    • eden/modules/tests/project/
    • eden/modules/tests/project/
  • Staff:
    • eden/modules/tests/staff/
    • eden/modules/tests/staff/
    • eden/modules/tests/staff/
  • Volunteer:
    • eden/modules/tests/volunteer/
  • Inventory:
    • eden/modules/tests/inv/
    • eden/modules/tests/inv/

As a bonus - see if you can create generic functions for search}} and {{{report (like create) in eden/modules/tests/ - this will help you to complete multiple tasks.



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