These task are great for people who loves to design web pages and can help to edit the Sahana-Eden Templates. If you want to contribute , you must know the basic knowledge of python , javascript, css and HTML .


Create a wireframe design for Sahana Eden default template home page

The homepage for the Eden Default template needs to be redesigned. Create a wireframe for the home page using a suitable tool like Pencil A Web wireframe is a simple visual guide to show you what a Web page would look like. It suggests the structure of a page, without using any graphics or text. A website wireframe would show the entire site structure - including what pages link to where.

For more :

Design a Sahana Eden Theme

Refer To How to Design a Sahana-Eden Theme

Suggest a usability enhancement

  1. Review your own local instance or a demo site of Sahana..
  2. Identify improvements which could improve the Usability Check that the improvement has not already been reported by searching the tickets.Please post each improvement in a separate new ticket.

Type: enhancement Keyword: usability + template / demo site you are reviewing Include as many details as possible. If you can design a mockup to attach - even better!

If you are completing this for Google Code In you must suggest 4 enhancements for one task. You may be able to find Usability Enhancement in the Usability Test Reports - just make sure that they haven't been reported already.

Conduct a Usability Test

  1. Find a person to do be your test subject for the Usability Test. Anyone will do!
  2. Identify a workflow for the usability test on either you own local instance or a demo site of Sahana,
  3. Write up a report on the Usability Test on the wiki (either as a page or as a attached Document).
    1. What the test subject found easy
    2. What the test subject found hard
    3. What the test subject liked
    4. What the test subject dis-liked
    5. What would you improve in Sahana Eden (even better if you can make these improvements!)

After you the usability document is approved, upload to google docs or dropbox, then add a hyperlink next to the respective task called "(report)" pointing to that document.

For more instructions of how to conduct a usability test from the book "Don't Make Me Think" go to:

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