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    1 [[TOC]]
    21= Contribute: UI  =
    43See [wiki:Design]
    5 == Easy ==
    6 === Redesign the Layout  ===
    7 The design of Sahana Eden could be enhanced greatly with everything from a better colour scheme (for example, the grey menu blends into the browser which is confusing) to making more efficient use of space.  If you're more of a web designer than programmer, your input is greatly needed. If you could come up with static designs for the following pages, or programmers can do their thing and make Sahana Eden beautiful. If you can design and program, even better!
    8  * Home Page -
    9   * []
    10  * Dashboard -
    11   * []
    12  * List View -
    13   * []
    14  * List Add View - (requires login)
    15   * []
    16  * Component View -
    17   * []
    18 Please share the image files and the original design files (preferably an open standard)
    20 ==== Examples ====
    21 *
    22 == Intermediate ==
    23 === Design a Sahana Eden Theme ===
    24 Using the [DeveloperGuidelines/Themes Theme Functionality]. If it's good it may even be used to update the current Sahana Eden theme!
    27 === Conduct a Usability Test ===
    28 1. Find a person to do be your test subject for the Usability Test. Anyone will do!
    29 1. On either the [ The Sahana Eden Demo Site] or a local instance of Sahana Eden get your test subject to go through one of these workflows
    30  1. Add a Volunteer ([[ | report]])
    31  1. Add an Office ([[|report]])
    32  1. Send an Item from a Warehouse ([[ | report]])
    33  1. Add an Asset and assign it to a Volunteer ([[ | report]])
    34  1. View Staff on the Map
    35 1. Write up a report on the Usability Test and send it to the Sahana Eden MailingList.
    36  1. What the test subject found easy
    37  1. What the test subject found hard
    38  1. What the test subject liked
    39  1. What the test subject dis-liked
    40  1. What would you improve in Sahana Eden (even better if you can make these improvements!)
    42 After you the usability document is approved, upload to google docs or dropbox, then add a hyperlink next to the respective task called "(report)" pointing to that document.
    44 For more instructions of how to conduct a usability test from the book "Don't Make Me Think" go to:
    45 === Design a (better) GUI for the CAP broker ===
    46 Proposed by: [ | Nuwan][[BR]]
    48 This is for Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) with capabilities for multi-language alerting and multi-media delivery.  Use Agasti CAP Broker as a starting point.  (This needs clarification. Eden does not have a CAP broker that I know of. And the current Agasti CAP support is in Krakatoa, not Mayon, so needs to be ported there too. So before there can be a GUI, there would need to be a port or implementation of a CAP broker, no? --Pat)
    50 '''Specific    : ''' Build a [ | wireframe] with functionality for the [ | Common Alerting Protocol] messaging broker. It should follow a publisher subscriber model. Some specifications are in the [ | CAP Software Requirement Specifications] [[BR]]
    51 '''Measurable  : ''' CAP messaging broker is becoming a much sort after tool by many organizations. It is an ITU recommendation. Such tool can be easily adopted by governments and emergency coordination agencies for managing their alerting and situational awareness. [[BR]]
    52 '''Attainable  : ''' [[BR]]
    53 Step 1 :: Study the Sahana Agasti CAP Broker [[BR]]
    54 Step 2 :: document the requirements [[BR]]
    55 Step 3 :: develop the wireframe to provide the required functionality [[BR]]
    56 Step 4 :: run the wireframe through a set of test scenarios, to be documented as stories [[BR]]
    57 '''Relevant    : ''' Part of the Sahana interoperability policy. [[BR]]
    58 '''Time-bound  : ''' Given that the Sahana Agasti CAP broker has much of the functionality it should not take too long to develop the wireframe. [[BR]]
    59 '''Evaluate    : ''' Requirements will be discussed with the Sahana community and a prototype wireframe will be presented.[[BR]]
    60 '''Reevaluate  : ''' Once the wireframe is built on the concluded requirements that will be put to test through the scenario based testing. [[BR]]
    62 === Write a blueprint for a GUI (web) tool to build and test XSL files ===
    63 Proposed by: [ | Nuwan][[BR]]
    64 Although this is classified as a documentation task, familiarity with coding, and especially with XSL transformations, will be helpful.
    66 '''Specific    : ''' Given that Sahana is getting heavy on XML there should be a tool to develop text, html, etc. outputs based one's own XSL transformation file.  The user should be presented with the option to select the XML file; i.e. tags and schema, then include/exclude those tags with inserts of fixed text. The user should be able to preview the output. The built XSL file can then be stored to be used for a particular function. In this case it would be producing CAP message based user specific outputs for email, web, rss, twitter, google, etc. [[BR]]
    67 '''Measurable  : ''' This would allow super users to develop implementation specific CAP content delivery outputs. [[BR]]
    68 '''Attainable  : ''' [[BR]]
    69 Step 1 :: research existing available solutions to get a feel for the type of functionality needed [[BR]]
    70 Step 2 :: document and discuss the set of requirements with Sahana community [[BR]]
    71 Step 3 :: develop the wireframe and test it with test scenarios [[BR]]
    72 Step 4 :: document the set of specifications [[BR]]
    73 '''Relevant    : ''' The Irrigation department may want the CAP messages to be formed in one way in an email compared with that of the Health department. A rapid XSL development tool will put the burden of building and maintaining those finals in the hands of the users and implementers and not engineers. [[BR]]
    74 '''Time-bound  : ''' [[BR]]
    75 '''Evaluate    : ''' design requirements and settling on them. [[BR]]
    76 '''Reevaluate  : ''' wireframe with the test scenarios [[BR]]
    78 == Advanced ==
    80 ----
    81 [wiki:Contribute]