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Central African Republic

Looking to have a deployment to provide easy interactive access to Humanitarian Data.

Admin Boundaries are here:


Some data needs new models, and some models may need tweaking.

To see the Data, suggest inspecting by opening the .dbf (e.g. in OpenOffice) & .xml files (for additional metadata where-provided).

  • You can use QGIS to display the polygons if you like but there's no need for this to do the modelling.


  • Add/modify the core models in modules/s3db
  • Add REST controllers for new models
  • Check basic operations using automatic CRUD interface
    • tweak list_fields to the most-relevant fields perhaps
  • Add menu entries (modules/
  • Develop XSLT & CSV templates (static/formats/s3csv) to bulk import the data
  • Convert the data to these CSV templates
  • Add layers to the map (private/templates/<TEMPLATE>/gis_layer_feature.csv. Look at default for now) including Markers and tooltips (popup_format)
  • Provide some report_options to make a meaningful report? (Don't worry too much about this)

Transport Module

Border Control Points

Data here:


Data here:

Also look at OSM for data model ideas:


Data here:

& here:


Check our Airports model against this data:

Water Module

Water Bodies

Data here:

Also look at OSM for data model ideas:


Check our Rivers model against this data:

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