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Central African Republic

Looking to have a deployment to provide easy interactive access to Humanitarian Data.

Data Models

Some data needs new models, and some models may need tweaking.

To see the Data, suggest inspecting by opening the .dbf (e.g. in OpenOffice) & .xml files (for additional metadata where-provided).

  • You can use QGIS to display the polygons if you like but there's no need for this to do the modelling.


  • Add/modify the core models in modules/s3db
  • Add REST controllers for new models
  • Check basic operations using automatic CRUD interface
    • tweak list_fields to the most-relevant fields perhaps
  • Add menu entries (modules/
  • Develop XSLT & CSV templates (static/formats/s3csv) to bulk import the data
  • Convert the data to these CSV templates
  • Add layers to the map (private/templates/<TEMPLATE>/gis_layer_feature.csv. Look at default for now) including Markers and tooltips (popup_format)
  • Provide some report_options to make a meaningful report? (Don't worry too much about this)

Transport Module

Border Control Points

Data here:


Data here:

Also look at OSM for data model ideas:


Data here:

& here:


Check our Airports model against this data:

Water Module

Water Bodies

Data here:

Also look at OSM for data model ideas:


Check our Rivers model against this data:

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