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Ebola Response

Sahana is starting to respond to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa as we have a usecase from MSF nurses in the field:

Use case: Contact Tracing/Monitoring

As you probably know, a key element of the fight is to monitor all people that an infected person has come into contact with.

This consists of:

  • Take temperature 2/day
  • Asked about symptoms
  • Continue for 3 weeks

As soon as a person is in this monitoring state, then their contacts are also recorded. In the event that they show symptoms, or are tested positive, then their contacts are put into the enhanced monitoring state, and so on.

Right now this is a paper-based system which causes long delays (days) before people are put into the enhanced monitoring state, which obviously means they're likely to have more contacts & hence more deaths will occur. There is an old study about a similar system, related to sexually transmitted diseases, which shows that such a system can reduce the delay to get people into monitoring to less than 6-8 hours (provided you have enough resources for the monitoring itself).

Constraints are that the system would need to work offline and on 5-8 year old we're talking Windows laptops with IE7/8 and pre-Android phones.

My solution would be to bundle Firefox into the install and use SMS for mobile parts. This needs validating before we can action.


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Action: Fran

'Disease' I see this as more widely applicable than Ebola, although Ebola is clearly the most pressing

  • enable only relevant modules
  • customise menus
  • customise homepage (although this can be minimal - doesn't need to look pretty! Just be functional)
  • customise modules

GIS Locations

Action: Fran

For Guinea, Liberia & Sierra Leone


Action: Fran

We want to be able to point people somewhere to see something real

Data Model

Action: Dominic

  • a link table between pr_person <> pr_person: pr_person_contact
  • hms_person_status (lowest degree of separation from an infected person, tested (None, Positive, Negative), last-monitored datetime, last-monitored result, in-treatment-centre (hospital_id?))
  • hms_person_monitor: component of pr_person to record the monitoring results (if we need to keep historical)


  • Simplification of PR to minimum required for the usecase
    • pr_contact
    • pr_address
  • Simplification of HMS to minimum required for the usecase (which could start as zero with all referrals happening off-system)


  • onaccept routine (run async where possible, even if unlikely on the older hardware we're talking) to flag record of contacts that need to go into enhanced monitoring...and provide a summarised list to the relevant person (email?) Do we notify the contact themselves via SMS?


  • Simple reporting to see a list (& totals) of contacts that we should be monitoring and their status


If it is to be used in Guinea, we should ensure the relevant strings are translated into French



  • Build Installer


  • Do we need Sync with a central server?

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