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!Deployments - Guidelines

If you are deploying or planning to deploy Sahana Eden it is useful to add a deployment page to the wiki. This is the best why to keep the Sahana Eden community informed and engaged in your work.


!Deployment: <Name of the Deployment>


  • Name of Deployment
  • URL (if public)
  • Organization(s) using it
  • Contact Person


<Briefly describe the deployment> <What Sahana Eden modules does it use?> <What data does it manage?>

User Stories

<How will/are people using this deployment> <> <A good User Story should answer the following questions:> <* Who the user is> <* What they want the solution to do for them?> <* Why they want it to do that? (goal)> <eg. A <type of user> wants the solution to <do something for them> so that <can achieve a goal>.>

==Resources == <* What resources are available to support the deployment?> <* What resources are needed to support the deployment?>


<* BluePrints for Deployment> <* External Links>


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