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Japan Tsunami Deployment 2011


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Media Coverage

Required Features

"Japanese Hospitals wants to share their bed status in an emergency"
"Want to be able to read in FAXes"
"We would like to use two or more Sahana instances, that is,
One is Public, all data are to be published. (
Others are Closed, for each local governments or organizations. 
Closed Sahana pushes specific data into the Public Sahana"
  • Sync
  • DVR
"We need an enhancement to manage every single transport of routine delivery (e.g. per 3 days, per 1 week), of consumables like foods and water in particular."
  • Recurring/Scheduled Requests
"A module is required to manage logistics, for both routing and assigning tasks to transport staffers in particular.
Despite of nationwide abundance of goods, shortage of transport stuff (drivers and vehicles) and many roads yet out of service hinder distribution of supplies into the area concerned. In order to improve logistics, it is required to provide an effective management  way which tells who brings what to where."
  • Route Planning for Shipments
  • GANTT chart for volunteer management

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