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     1= Haiyan Typhoon Response =
     4There are 2 long term Eden deployments in the Philippines:
     5* [wiki:Deployments/Philippines/RGIMS Relief Goods Inventory & Monitoring System] for Department of Social Welfare & Development
     6 * focus on managing Logistics for their emergency Warehouses
     7* [wiki:Deployments/IFRC RMS] for Red Cross
     8 * focus on volunteer management
     10As well as supporting these instances, we are setting up a new instance with [ IOSN] for Civil Society:
     13This is NOT in production yet and NOT ready for public dissemination yet.
     15I am just reworking the focus of the site.
     17The use case is: "I want to give money or goods, where can I find one nearest me to give it to?"
     19== Needs ==
     20=== Designer ===
     21Work on a nice frontpage design. At a first guess, I think we want 3 big buttons on the front:
     22* Donate Money
     23 * Provides a listing of Relief Organisations with links to Websites/Phonelines/Bank Accounts
     24* Donate Goods
     25 * Asks for Location & shows Drop-off points closest to them
     26* Donate Time
     27 * Remote support?
     28  * YES: Provides a listing of opportunities
     29  * No: Shows Volunteer locations closest to them
     31=== Data ===
     32Red Cross are interested in this data:
     33* Census data from on e.g. Unemployed
     34 * would be great to download all these XLS & bring into a single XLS file ready for import into Eden
     35* Damage Assessments: dead, missing, houses destroyed, people affected…
     36 * would be great to pull this from !OneResponse & Virtual OSOCC & bring into a single XLS file ready for import into Eden
     38=== Testing ===
     39There will be some new code developed so some manual test cases which can be automated would be great
     41=== Documentation ===
     42Perhaps we could have a simple User Guide created for the site...e.g. to be added in Help on the site
     44Ideas can be pulled from:
     47== Links ==
     48* [wiki:GIS/Data#Philippines Philippines Admin Boundaries]