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    5555* UserGuidelines
     57=== Developers ===
     58The idea that I'm working on is that people volunteer Money, Time or Goods
     60Money is an Organisation Need stored in the req_organisation_needs component
     61- essentially we will just give people a list of Orgs which are soliciting cash & the websites they can visit to donate...there is also a Rich-text box to add extra details
     63Goods is a Site (currently generic org_facility) Need stored in the req_site_needs component
     64- essentially we will give people a list of Sites which are accepting drop-off donations, along with direction for how to get there, opening times & a rich-text box for them to describe the types of goods they're accepting
     65- later we'll add a search for 'closest'.
     67Time is split into 2:
     68* Remote time is an Organisation Need
     69* Local time is a Site Need
     70The basic workflow is as above
     72So what needs doing?
     73* Custom Forms for creating Orgs/Sites with their Needs
     74* Renderers for Orgs & Sites including their Needs (I think datalist will work better for the Rich text)
     75* Filters
     76* Location 'Nearest' Search
     77* Security Policy
     78* Latest Needs widget on homepage (like DRM's Latest Incidents)
     79* Needs summaries per Lx
     80* We almost certainly want to be able to zoom-in within an L1 to see the component L2s in the Profile Selector page (& maybe within the Profile)
     82Obviously there are UI design aspects too, but we can integrate what any volunteer who steps forward on that does.
     84Other ideas also welcomed.
     86e.g. I can think of an alternate workflow where Needs are all just cms_posts of type 'money', 'time' or 'goods' & we have a single 'newsfeed' of all
    5789== Links ==
    5890* [wiki:GIS/Data#Philippines Philippines Admin Boundaries]