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     28Development is happening in [wiki:DeveloperGuidelines/Git Trunk] using the {{{Philippines}}} [wiki:DeveloperGuidelines/Templates Template].
     30== Use Cases ==
    2831We currently have 2 use cases for the Response phase:
    2932* "I want to give money or goods, where can I find one nearest me to give it to?"
    3437The site may evolve over time to add new use cases & will hopefully evolve into a longer-term Preparedness site like [ NYC Prepared]
    36 Development is happening in [wiki:DeveloperGuidelines/Git Trunk] using the {{{Philippines}}} [wiki:DeveloperGuidelines/Templates Template].
     39* Sites needing things call the Call Center to log a Request
     40* Donations are of two types:
     41 * Money
     42  * For donations of money, donors are directed to the organizations' own donation websites.
     43 * Resources (which can be goods or work)
     44  * Donations of resources are made to match requests
     45   * Currently a donation can't be made unless it is for a need that has been posted as a request. (although this might change in future)
     46* Donations can be made from the web page by the public.
     47* (Donations can also be entered by workers at a call center, who are handling phone calls from donors.)
     49Workflow details:
     50* Call center worker handling a call from a site which needs something:
     51 * Worker clicks 'Make Request'
     52 * Worker selects from pre-existing sites or creates a new one
     53 * Contact is selected
     54 * If a pre-existing site has a pre-existing site contact then this will default, but can be overridden if-necessary
     55 *  Details of the request are logged
     56 * Press Save
     57* Call center worker handling a call from a donor who has goods or services to donate:
     58 * Worker clicks Donate in kind to get to the list of requests (/req/req/datalist). This shows thumbnails (summaries) of each request, with a Donate button.
     59 * A suitable request is selected using filters &/or full-text search.
     60 * Worker clicks Donate on the request thumbnail. That brings up a donate (commit) create form popup.
     61 * Worker enters Organization (if-appropriate)
     62 * Work enter Contact Name
     63 * Will lookup if contact already exists or can simply add a new one
     64 * Worker enters a description of the donation, and optionally a delivery date and estimated value.
     65 * Worker clicks Save.
     66* Call center worker handling a call from a donor who wishes to donate money (low priority).
     67 * Worker opens the list of organizations (org/organisation).
     68 * Discusses options with caller, who picks an organization.
     69 * Worker gives caller the URL for the organization's donation site (or simply directs them to the organization's website landing page).
     70* A member of the public comes to the website to donate goods or services.
     71 * Donor clicks the Donate in Kind link which goes to req/req/datalist
     72 * They can either:
     73  * Filter on Region / Province / MuniCity (& maybe sites).
     74  * Full-text search.
     75 * They click Donate on a request
     76 * If not logged-in this brings up the login page
     77 * If logged-in, this brings up the req/commit/create.popup form.
     78 * They fill out a description of the donation, optionally date available, est. value
     79 * Click Save
     80 * (Once SMS is up then Requester should recv an SMS)
     81* A member of the public comes to the website to donate money:
     82 * Donor clicks the $ Money link which goes to org/organisation/datalist?
     83 * Donor can either:
     84  * Scroll / page through the list of organizations.
     85  * Search for text in the organization name, website URL, or needs text.
     86  * Donor picks an organization, and clicks the link to (the donation page on) their website.
    3788== Needs ==
    3889=== Data ===