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Deployment for the President's Office


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    1111== Response Deployment ==
     12=== Department of Health ===
    1213As well as supporting these instances, we have set up a new instance with [ IOSN] and the [ National Telehealth Center] for the Department of Health to track the Status of Health Care facilities & manage Requests from them:
    2829Development is happening in [wiki:DeveloperGuidelines/Git Trunk] using the {{{Philippines}}} [wiki:DeveloperGuidelines/Templates Template].
    30 == Use Cases ==
     31==== Use Cases ====
    3132The site may evolve over time to add new use cases & will hopefully evolve into a longer-term Preparedness site like [ NYC Prepared]
    7980  * Search for text in the organization name, website URL, or needs text.
    8081  * Donor picks an organization, and clicks the link to (the donation page on) their website.
     83=== President's Office ===
     84Celina Agaton from the !CrisisMappers network is working with the President's Office to help track aid requests & the status of donations during the response and recovery. They are considering Sahana Eden as an solution for this.
     86As a minimum viable product we will set up a demonstration instance based on the {{{Philippines}}} template to demonstrate Sahana Eden and determine what customization is required.
     88==== Stakeholders ====
     89* Private Organisations
     90* Companies
     91* NGOs
     93==== Use Cases ====
     94===== Available Resources =====
     95Stakeholders can list what resources (and services?) they have available to support the response and recovery
     97===== Requests =====
     98Stakeholders can make requests of what resources (and services?) they need for response and recovery
     100===== Donation Tracking =====
     101Stakeholders can track the progress of donations. This will allow ...(someone?) to flag issues which aid being held up or not delivered.
     103==== Data ====
     104* Resources
     105* Demographic & Impact Data Interesting - but not essential for the first demo - could be imported into Sahana's stats data model...
     106* Updates Very Interested - could be put onto a Newsfeed?
    82108== Needs ==