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    2929* No need to have the output look the same as the current PDFs
     31==== Skills ====
     32Portuguese Firefighters & Red Cross use a common standard for human resources skills defined by the Ministry of Health, which is certified by attending the requisite hours of training & passing both written & practical exams.
     34Skills are re-credentialled every 6 months:
     35 * checking minimum time of active duty (275 hrs)
     36 * a managerial performance rating: pass/fail
     37& 12 months:
     38 * checking minimum time of training (70 hrs)
     39 * a managerial performance rating: 1 (unfit) to 5 (well fitted for the work)
     40  * need at least 4 points for 5 years to be promoted in rank
     41 * attended refresher training course
     42 * Drivers have other standards (psycho-technical assessment every year)
     45 * Firefighter/EMT (150 hr course)
     46 * Firefighter/EMS (500 hr course inc some medical training and advanced life support)
     49<apocsantos> portuese standards for emergency personel are all clearly defined by law, and eveyone has diferente ID numbers for each specific trainning and an identification card
     50<apocsantos> for example my EMT Card Uniq Identifyer is 36031
     51<apocsantos> there is no-one in portugal not firefighter or from any other organization with the same EMT Trainning Certification Number
     52<apocsantos> all the "credential system" is based on uniq identifyers that can be "cross-check" bettween databases
     53<apocsantos> for example if i respond to a car accident while off dutty the portuguese authority's (police) ask me for the EMT Training ID and Firefighter ID
     54<apocsantos> they can radio in the ID's an have my credentials validated
     56=== Assets ===
     57Standardised Vehicle Types:
     60Locations, classified by Response Times to Incident Location:
     61 * Airport Crash
     62  * North of Terminal
     63   * within 5km radius: airport staff 1st in line
     64   * 5-20km radius: Vila do Conde (15 mins ETA. Morreira da maia have 10 min ETA, but they don't have the same resources)
     65  * South of Terminal
     66   * within 10km radius: airport staff 1st in line
     67   * 10+km radius: Oporto professional firefighters
    3169=== Incident Tracking ===
    3270There is a need to share data about an incident between a fire department and the district command center.
    4381 * crew on board - by ID (A per-Incident link table), with a field for leader ('ranking member') & another for driver (usually, but not always the same)
     83=== Activation ===
     84We want a way of notifying the relevant human resources that they are required (which is a link between the required skills & the available skills).
     85 * ideally single button to send out the mobilisation notification
     86 * major emergencies require this to be done by a senior person
     88Taking shifts into account:
     89 * don't need this (always on-call)
     90 * American Red Cross have 12 hour alternating shift patterns
    4593=== Dispatch ===
    4694One of the biggest problems right now, which could potentially be easy to solve is Dispatch.
    52100Note that these messages are still usable on a phone without the app installed & even on a conventional phone (if the recipient is preapred to manually transfer the coordinates to their GPS).
    53102=== Location Updates via Radio ===
    54103Use GPS from Tetra radios to show Personnel & Vehicles on the Map