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Frequently Asked Questions

SAMBRO specific FAQs

Why do I need a SMS Gateway?

Here is an example of a SMS gateway: .Notice the menu below the banner - it has a set of API types, like REST API, SMPP API, HTTP API, etc. We would prefer the REST API. Typically, when you acquire a bulk of SMS from MPT, for example, they would provide you with a script. MPT will provide you a user name and password as well. Then we can add the script, username, and password into SAMBRO for you to begin sending/receiving SMS.

You need the SMS gateway for three reasons:

1. Alerting first responders

SMS would be one channel to be used as a wake function with targeted groups, also know as Closed User Groups of focal points. For example, when you are not in office or traveling, you would receive the SMS alerts. It serves as an attention getter directing you to the complete message. This is what we also call as a wake up function.

2. Alert approval process

Issuing an alert is a 2 step process. First someone will author (or edit) the message. Then it must be approved, usually by a Supervisor. The Supervisor may be at a meeting or not in the premises. They will receive an SMS requesting to approve the alert. The SMS will contain a URL to the approval page. When they click the approval URL and authenticate, it is only then that the alerts would be disseminated.

3. Acknowledge alert receipt

It is a best-practice that first-responders and focal points acknowledge the receipt of the alert message. This way you are guaranteed to know they have received and read the message. Otherwise, the phone can be charging in the kitchen while you are watching TV and don't hear receiving the alert. Therefore, the person must acknowledge. For this we have incorporated a special SMS text that they can send, simply type ACK and message id and send SMS. At the central server we can then see who has acknowledged. Hence, the SMS gateway should be able to receive alerts as well.

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How do I Evaluate an Implementation

Simulation and Evaluation Methodology for ensuring your system performs to your requirements before going live. Implementers are encourage to conduct simulations and evaluate the system periodically, at least, once every year.

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