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The dev env virtual machines for Virtualbox and VMware based on a blueprint and are configured to use have about 512MB of RAM. The virtual disk is configured to expand to 20GB.

The machines are built on TurnKey Linux's Core, which is based on Ubuntu Lucid (the most recent long-term support release).

The machines boot to a menu of running services, which include web2py, Eden, Shellinabox, Webmin, and SSH/sftp. Therefore, these dev env machines will also serve as headless Eden servers.

Exit the confconsole for a shell prompt. Startx starts LXDE, the desktop manager used by the development environment. From LXDE, Eclipse and Firefox with Firebug are available. Ecplipse is configured according to the documentation here. I am not confident in the Eclipse pre-configuration and am in need of feedback.

The IRC client irssi starts from a command prompt and is configured to log in to #sahana-eden on

Getting Started

  1. Import VM with Virtualbox. Start the VM. Alternatively, start the VM in VMware player or compatible platform.
  2. The machine starts up to the confconsole, a list of services with IP address and ports.
  3. Navigate to the command line (advanced, quit the configuration console)
  4. Login as dev: username=dev, password=eden
  5. startx to start the GUI

Credentials and Security

The password for the web2py administration interface is admin. Two users can login to the appliance:

Username: root, Password: root

Username: dev, Password: eden

Web2py has an admin interface with a password. Again, that password is currently admin.

It would be wise to secure the appliance. Here's a way to do that:

Login as root (password=root).

To change the root password type the following:


Then enter the new password twice.

To change the password of user dev, type the following:

passwd dev

Enter the new password.

Usage Notes

In the GUI (called LXDE), you have access to Firefox w/ Firebug, Eclipse, and a terminal. I presume you'll need all of these.

Eclipse should be preconfigured to work with Web2py and Eden. If I understand correctly, you should know more about this than I do. If it's not configured correctly:

1.Contact us via email or let me know over IRC (look for ghoulmann on #sahana-eden) what you are seeing vs what you should be seeing.

  1. If you have the will, configure Eclipse the way it should be configured: the instructions we follow are here.

Update web2py and Eden

User dev's home directory has two scripts, one to update web2py and one to update eden. Use them as follows:

Open the terminal in LXDE (under accessories, called LXterminal). That will put you in the user dev's home directory, assuming you logged in as the user dev with the password eden.

If you're logged in as dev: To pull web2py, for example, you could enter any of the following:

sudo ./update_web2py

sudo ./update_web2py 2717

sudo ~/update_web2py

sudo ~/update_web2py 2717

sudo /home/dev/update_web2py 2717

So, use the revision number as a parameter to the command update_web2py. To pull without specifying a revision, just execute the command update_web2py. Note that for the script to work, you must pretend to be the root user. Use sudo to escalate your privileges temporarily (to those of root user).

Same guidelines for updating Eden:

sudo ./update_eden

sudo ./update_eden 2120

sudo ~/update_eden

sudo /home/dev/update_eden 2120

What's the ./ all about? That tells the shell to look in the current directory for the script. Here's the long way around (and how to do it if you're not in your home directory:

sudo /home/dev/update_eden

sudo /home/dev/update_web2py

OK then, what's the ~ all about? ~ tells the shell to look in the home directory for the command to execute.

IRC with irssi

The VM comes with an IRC client preconfigured to connect to #sahana-eden on

To use it:

  1. Access the terminal from the GUI (LXDE) by looking in Accessories for LXterminal.
  1. At the prompt, enter irssi -n nick, where nick=your nickname. It's my understanding that irssi will remember your nick.
  1. Alternatively, start irssi with irssi. At the irssi prompt, enter the following, where nick=your nick:
/nick nick

Shutting Down

The GUI, LXDE, won't let you shutdown. The user dev does not have the privilieges. Don't forget and then get frustrated.

To shutdown, get to the prompt with LXterminal and enter the following to escalate privileges and shutdown:

sudo halt

To restart do the same but enter the following:

sudo shutdown -r now

If you power off the machine without shutting down in an appropriate way, you may feel shame as a result.

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