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Code Conventions

These conventions should be followed in all code.

NOTE: These coding conventions are mandatory for code to be accepted for the Stable series!

Code Style

Naming conventions

  • All functions outside of classes should have the prefix shn_<Model Name>_
  • All classes which over-ride existing classed should have the suffix "S3"

Comments and Docstrings

  • All files, classes and functions should have docstrings which allow to auto-generate API documentation using epydoc


  • All user-visibbe strings should be Internationalised: T("My string")
    • Remember to str() them before concatenating with strings (such as HTML tags): "<p>" + str(T("My String")) + "</p>"
  • All labels should be Internationalised in controllers/ def resource(): table.field.label = T("My Label")
  • DeveloperGuidelinesInternationalisation



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