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Downloading and compiling ODK Collect, an Android XForms client

Using Windows syntax since if you know *nix you'll understand the windows command line.

  1. Install Java JDK
  2. Install Android SDK
  3. Install ANT, a cross platform Java build automation tool.

Clone "Collect" source from repository

Install yet another SCM tool, HG Mercurial

  • defaults will suffice during setup

Get a local copy of the opendatakit collect repository with this command:

hg clone opendatakit-collect

Editing Code

  1. Install Eclipse 3.5
  2. Install Android plugin
  3. Import project into Eclipse
  4. Run or Debug as desired (Tested on HTC Incredible SDK 3.0+ required)

Use an Emulator if you do not have a phone connected via USB.

To deploy you'll need to create a self signed keystore and use the .apk packaging wizard(Right click on project, menu Android tools, Export signed).



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