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Downloading and compiling ODK Collect, an Android XForms client

Using Windows syntax since if you know *nix you'll understand the windows command line.

  1. Install Java JDK
  2. Install Android SDK
  3. Install ANT, a cross platform Java build automation tool.

Clone "Collect" source from repository

Install yet another SCM tool, HG Mercurial

  • defaults will suffice during setup

Get a local copy of the opendatakit collect repository with this command:

hg clone opendatakit-collect

Editing Code

  1. Install Eclipse 3.5 (3.6 has problems with the Android plugin)
  2. Install Android plugin
  3. Import project into Eclipse
  4. Run or Debug as desired (Tested on HTC Incredible SDK 3.0+ required)

Use an Emulator if you do not have a phone connected via USB.

To deploy you'll need to create a self signed keystore and use the .apk packaging wizard(Right click on project, menu Android tools, Export signed).



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