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You can set the which template Sahana Eden uses in /models/ with the line:

settings.base.template = "default"

Templates allow selecting alternate configuration sets.

This allows a separation between Core Code & Settings/Custom Code.

This helps prevent merge conflicts between different deployment branches & hence reduces the risk of forking.


Configuration is done using these files:

  • /private/templates/
  • /private/templates/default/
  • /private/templates/<template>/

During the 1st run, is copied to models/ includes:

  • machine-specific configuration (Debug, Database, SMTP, API Keys, etc)
  • a setting to define which template folder to run
  • importing of settings from /private/templates/<template>/
  • optional local overrides to the template's settings

Prepopulate Data

An empty database isn't terribly useful - e.g. maps won't display at all.

Options for how to Prepopulate the database are defined in the template's (but can be overridden in the running

If you need to tweak your menus of build completely new ones:


It is possible to develop a custom theme for the look & feel of your system:

Custom Pages

If you wish to add a new custom page without creating a new module:



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