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"A bug is a test case you haven't written yet"
"Unit Tests allow merciless refactoring":

Testing that Developers should be doing:

Unit Tests (must do)

These should be written by the developers

Continuous Integration

Whenever a commit is made it should be checked to see that it doesn't break anything

Regression Testing

Fired by dev after certain number of changes or whenever they like.


As well as writing DocStrings in all functions, we can generate an overall API using:

If writing a separate manual then we can use:

Testing that Testers should be doing:

Boundary Testing (should do)

Checks functionality of modules against spec.
This sees the application as a black box & so the same tests could be run here against both the Python & PHP versions, for instance.

Functional tests can be written using:

This is done by the Testers who accept the Code as a result.

Integration Testing (good thing)

Usability Tests


  • Are we XHTML 1.0 compliant?
  • Are we usable without JavaScript?

Performance Tests

Whilst the Web2Py framework is fast, we should check that we're not doing anything stupid to slow it down:

Stress Tests

Security Tests

Whilst the Web2Py framework is secure by design, we should validate this:


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