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    1919 6. Add Relief Items to each Inventory
     21=== Assessments ===
     23Select the assessment information for your group number and enter it using the Basic Assess.
     25==== Assessment Report 1: Thượng Trạch ====
     26Population: 1823 (2006 Census)
     27 * 75% of Houses are still flooded and most of these will require significant repair in order to become livable.
     28 * People have reported feeling ill after drinking from their wells.
     30==== Assessment Report 2: Lâm Trạch ====
     31Population: 3387 (2006 Census)
     32 * 75% of houses are still flooded.
     33 * All water supplies have been damaged by the floods.
     34 * Children and Old People are especially at risk of water borne diseases.
     35 * Lâm Trạch Health Clinic is facing a major shortage of medicine.
     37==== Assessment Report 3: Phúc Trạch ====
     38Population: 9866 (2006 Census)
     39 * Half of all houses have been flooded, and half of these have been permanently damaged.
     40 * 5600Ha of rice paddies will not be able to be planted unless the flood waters drain.
     42==== Assessment Report 4: Hải Trạch ====
     43Population: 8707 (2006 Census)
     44 * Hải Trạch has been isolated by landslides and food supplies for the entire town are running out.
     45 * 4700Ha of rice paddies which were planted have been flooded. They will need new seeds to re-plant the fields in time for the next harvest.
     47==== Assessment Report 5: Xuân Trạch ====
     48Population: 5097 (2006 Census)
     49 * A local piggery has been flooded, and all of the pigs have either drowned or escaped. The population relied on this piggery for their pork supply and now only have chicken, rice and vegetables to eat.
     50 * 10% of the houses close to the river have been destroyed, but these are only the houses of an ethnic minority, so the population said that they did not need assistance
     51 * Xuân Trạch is a major rice exporter and 25% of the rice paddies are flooded.
     52 * The town leader offered the assessment team an envelope to increase the level of reported damage.