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     3= Grace Hopper Celebration Codeathon for Humanity =
     5The Codeathon at GHC2010 is intended to introduce participants to rapid development of FOSS applications in a collective coding setting.
     7== Suggested Codeathon Projects ==
     9=== CAP: Common Alerting Protocol ===
     11 * Receive CAP messages from an external CAP source.
     12 * Provide a form for originating CAP messages.
     13 * Send CAP messages to subscribers, retrying on failure.
     14 * Write a Facebook app to receive CAP messages and post them on one's wall.
     16=== GIS: Mapping Improvements ===
     18=== SAARAA: Situational Awareness and Rapid Assessment Application
     20This was started as an Android app at RHoK #3.  That version uploaded data to a very simple Heroku back end.
     24As a follow-on to that project, allow the app to send to an Eden back end.
     25 * Add an appropriate model.
     26 * Handle receiving uploaded messages from non-logged in users -- provide a code they can use to log in later.
     27 * Display the messages by category and time.
     28 * Allow commenting on the messages (e.g. adding updates about handling the messages).
     29 * Allow sending a message back.