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    33Google is hosting a [ doc sprint], 17th - 21st October, prior to the 2011 GSoC Summit, to produce or improve documentation for selected GSoC organizations. A proposal for Sahana was accepted, Michael, Shikhar, Leslie, Dominic, and Fran will be attending.
     5== Brain Storming ==
     7=== From Sahana Eden List ===
     8I've been giving this some thought, from a developer perspective, looking at building a new module/application (or whatever they are called)...
     9I think that the most important area to highlight would be the model and all the different hooks that can be set there. The requires, represent, onvalidate, onaccept, s3_meta_fields, reusable fields, etc. I believe that these are key ideas for new people to comprehend before developing and I would suggest that some are counter-intuitive for people who have MVC experience so I would certainly avoid any emphasis about this being a MVC framework.
     11The simple ones above are those that go with the model.  The tricky ones -- onvalidate, onaccept -- are ones that are assigned in the model, but which act in the controller.  The controller timeline -- what happens when, and where the hooks tie in (like what Dominic had for an earlier version) -- is most helpful in understanding what customizations should go in which callback, and such.
     13After that I'd be interested in seeing something about the rheader. component tabs and generally how the records link together.
     14Ok, there's a part of the model that would be good to describe -- components and the various ways they can be linked (fk ref, relationship table, 1-1, 1-M, shared components,...)
     16- AuthS3:
     17 - additional policies 6+7 (OrgAuth)
     18 - delegation of permissions
     19- S3Search extensions (e.g. embeddable widget)
     20- REST method handler registry
     21- REST new hooks (ondelete_cascade, onconflict etc).
     22- Link table support in REST/CRUD
     23- Virtual fields support
     24- Synchronization (S3Sync)
     25- Scheduled tasks (S3Task)
     26- Two-phase imports (including review UI)
    528== Desired Outputs ==
    3255=== FOSS for a Better World Guide ===
     56Probably not going to be developed at the Doc Sprint, but an idea worth discussing:
    3357* (Humanitarian / Development / Health / Environment)
    3458* This could be a project agnostic guide, probably more aimed at the users of FOSS, rather than the developers.