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GCI Tasks: Documentation

These task are great for people who are good at writing clear documentations or thorough at reviewing and editing existing documentation. As this is a software project, you may need some technical expertise for some of the projects.

General Sahana Tasks

Update and Rearrange the Standards Wiki

  • Review the flow & navigability of the Standards wiki
  • Send an email to standards at sahanafoundation dot org with any improvement you would like to make
  • Goals are to make wiki more presentable and give users easier access to information.

Sahana Eden Tasks

See: Contribute/Documentation

Sahana Vesuvius Tasks

Document "ImageStat" Tool

Research is going on to improve face-detection and face-matching algorithms, for eventual incorporation into Vesuvius/PL and other projects. To assist with algorithm training/testing and "ground truthing", images of faces are being annotated with rectangles. A web-site tool, "ImageStat", has been built to allow this. Documentation of this tool for the user is desirable.

Documentation should be completed on the Sahana Software Foundation wiki for the Vesuvius project.


Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.