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Google Code In 2012 - 2013

Information for GCI Participants

  • Please sign our Contributor License Agreement before claiming or completing any tasks (even non-coding tasks).
  • Note our Service Level Agreement with our mentors:
    • 24 hours to respond to task claim requests
    • 36 hours to review submitted completed tasks
  • Please use our public mailing lists or IRC channels for all communications - no private messaging please - our mentors should redirect you back to our public channels.
  • Please note that Melange does notify mentors assigned to a task by e-mail whenever there is a status change or a comment made on a task... so you do not need to send an email to our lists when you claim or complete a task.
  • Please be patient.... our mentors have lives, spouses, children, jobs, hobbies...
  • We will shortly post a list of mentors "on duty" or available for general reviews, answering questions, etc., with their IRC nicks so it will be easier for you to identify who is available and when to answer questions.




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