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DRAFT Grace Hopper Celebration Codeathon for Humanity 2012

The Codeathon at GHC2012 is intended to introduce participants to rapid development of FOSS applications in a collective coding setting.

Ready, set, go!

Install the Eden development kit

Coming soon: Links and instructions to download and install a developer's environment that we will be using for the 2012 GHC Open Source Day!

Get an account on Github

If you're in a hurry to get on with things, you can leave this til later, when you're ready to upload something to Github.

The IRC channel

We're going to take over the Eden IRC channel: #sahana-eden on freenode. If you don't already have an IRC client, the easiest way to connect is to use freenode's [ web chat client].

  • To post a message, type in the text box, type Enter.
  • To get someone's attention, type their nick anywhere in your message. (Use sparingly -- this will ring bells / flash lights on their machine.)

Suggested Codeathon Projects


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