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Message Parsing

Personal Details

Name: Ashwyn Sharma


Freenode IRC Nickname: ashwyn

Skype: ashwyn sharma

Age: 19

Education: Currently pursuing B.E.(Bachelor in Engineering) from N.S.I.T, New Delhi.

Country: India

Timezone: GMT +0530

Github Branch:

Demo Branch

Demo Instance:

Project Abstract

The essential requirement for this project is to parse inbound messages, with an initial focus to SMS. The project is specifically aimed at the CERT usecase where they wish to process responses to deployment notifications. Or in other words, to handle replies to deployment requests. Currently the message parsing is done in the core code i.e. modules/s3/, to be particular, in the parse_message() method. The parsing rules will be defined in private/templates/default/ which allows for hosting of multiple profile options in the main code. This also enforces the on-going work in the development of the Profile Layer, in which deployment-specific files are separated from core code.The parsing module utilizes a data model "msg_workflow” to link the source and the workflow to schedule tasks. Processing of OpenGeoSMS encoded messages is also an important area to work on especially for the existing Android Client, for which it will be of real use. Also to provide robustness and extend the existing code, the pyparsing Parser module can be incorporated or any other parsing generator; which will be subjective to the parsing needs.


SMART Goal Measure Status
1.Design of the workflow handling mechanism.
2.process_log() method is defined.
3.Tweaks in msg_log datamodel.
1.Community bonding period.
2.Decision to outline the template.
1.The msg_workflow data model is developed.
2.S3ParsingModel starts to take shape.
Code committed locally.Completed
1.Parsing Rules moved to private/templates/default/
2.Scheduler logic for parsing workflows is developed.
SMS response processing starts to take shape.Completed
1.API designed to link source-->workflow
2.Bug fixing in fetch_inbound_email()
3.parse_import() replaces process_log()
1.Code committed locally.
2.Tested on local system.
1.Scheduler logic moved to form
2.deployment_setting.parser.parser_enabled defined.
Code committed to trunk.Completed
1.Message Parsing UI designed.
2.UI for Email settings.
3.deployment_setting.parser.template defined and parser_enabled removed.
4.Data model msg_workflow redefined.
Code committed to trunk.Completed
1.Integration of the IRS module for incident reporting through SMS.1.Commits so far tested thoroughly.
2.Bug fixing.
3.Code committed to trunk.
[MID-TERM evaluations :-) ]
1.Demo Branch Released for mid-term code review.
2.Testing the IRS parsing routine.
Code committed locally.Completed
1.Securing the parser queries
2.Authentication of parser queries(Remote user login).
Code committed to trunk.Completed.
Twilio functionality is developed for eden. Code committed to Trunk.Completed.
1.OpenGeoSMS Parser for Incident Reports.
2. 2-Step Refactoring for parsers.
Code committed to Trunk.Completed.
1.System testing & Bug fixing.
2.Final changes to the code are applied.
3.Drafting Developer and User Guidelines.
Project Completed. :-)Completed.

Weekly Meeting

Fridays 13:00 UTC

Future Options

1.Help menu parser for available commands.
2.Look-up for existing locations in the DB for OpenGeoSMS Parser.
3.CKEditor Integration for viewing the parser codes.
4.Dedicated Outbound support for Twilio.

Project Guidelines

wiki:MessageParsingUserGuidelines wiki:MessageParsingDemoGuidelines

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