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A Virtual Weekend Hackathon / Code Sprint to work together on a setting up Sahana Eden to be used by Sahana Software Foundation for Community Management:

This high-level requirements doc will have pathways added to it to make it easier for people to get involved with a project of suitable size, complexity & interest.

If you're interested in getting involved, get in touch with the community through the Sahana Eden MailingList (

The Sahanathon could also be a good opportunity for prospective GSoC Students to engage with the community (the student application period is March 17th - April 7th).


23rd - 25th March 2012 (Tentative)


Add your name here if you're interested and subscribe to the Sahana Eden MailingList ( for more updates:

  • Michael Howden
  • Sriram Raghu
  • Louiqa Raschid
  • Fran Boon
  • Aneesh Dogra
  • Dominic König


Ideas for Future Sahanathons

  • Introductory Webinar to Sahana
  • Giving a Tutorial on S3Core
  • Integrating All Work from GCI
    • Translations
    • Scenarios
  • Update all documentation for migration from Launchpad to GitHub
  • Implement Sahana Eden as a Sahana Software Foundation management tool
  • Engage prospective GSoC Students
  • Updating Book
  • ...
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