A Virtual Weekend Hackathon / Code Sprint to work together on a setting up Sahana Eden as an Information Management Tool to be used by Sahana Software Foundation for Community Management ([ Eating our own dog food!):

There are a range of different tasks for people to get involved with, including coding, testing, documentation and data wrangling.


23rd - 25th March 2012 NOW - Join the #sahana-eden IRC channel to participate.


Anyone & Everyone! If you've been interested in getting involved with the Sahana Community or want o see how Sahana Eden can be used, then this is your chance. The Sahanathon could also be a good opportunity for prospective GSoC Students to engage with the community (the student application period is March 17th - April 7th). If you're interested in getting involved please fill in your details on the Sahanathon Roster.

How to Participate

Read the Book & Wiki

The Sahana Community has prepared a Sahana Eden Essentials Book which is the best guide for new developers getting started. There's also heaps of documentation to help people on the wiki. Try starting on the Develop page or see the TitleIndex for a list of all wiki pages.

Get the Code

Whilst the usual process applies that most development is done in Trunk ( with only configuration settings & theme in the branch, for Sahanathon, we need to adopt a faster model where we work direct in the branch & then back-port things to Trunk later, once the dust has settled. This is the branch of code we will use during the Sahanathon:

Follow these instructions: DeveloperGuidelines/Git to fork this branch (replace -> in the instructions) and submit Pull Requests to this branch.

Join the Community

Join the Sahana Eden Mailing List to get updates and hang out on the #sahana-eden IRC channel to chat with the Sahana Eden community.

Attend the Sahanathon Facebook Event.

Review the Sahanathon 1.0 Notes from our meetings.

Work on Tasks

  1. Register on the system:
  2. Claim a Task by Assigning to yourself (1 at a time)
  3. Unclear?
    • Try to resolve via IRC
      • Mark Prutsalis is ultimate authority on how it should look
      • PMC members can help with how it should be implemented
    • If not possible to resolve by people available on IRC
      • Add comment to task with your questions
      • Status -> Feedback
      • Send mail to list with URL, also copying also the questions
  4. Completed?
    • Submit a Pull Request in GitHub (add details in Comment)
    • Status -> Ready
    • Claim another


The focus of the Sahanathon is on getting the required tasks completed, so the scheduled events are entirely optional. However they are a great opportunity to greet and meet the rest of the Sahana Community and get help with any questions you may have.

Friday 23rd March

2100 UTC Kick Off Meeting

  • Sahanathon Goal
  • Introductions
  • Overview of Sahanathon Tasks
  • Q & A

On WebEx

Saturday 24th March

1000 UTC Check In

  • Updates on Progress
  • Q&A

2200 UTC Review Meeting

  • Demonstration of System
  • Identification of new requirements / bugs

On WebEx

Sunday 25th March

1000 UTC Check In

  • Updates on Progress
  • Q&A

1700 UTC Wrap Up

  • Review of what was done
  • Demonstration of System
  • Prize Giving
  • Reflections & Lessons for next time
  • What still needs to be done

On WebEx:


A copy of the Sahana Eden Essentials Book will be donated by AidIQ to the best new contributor during the Sahanathon

Ideas for Future Sahanathons

  • Populating demonstration site with rich sample data in all registries
  • Introductory Webinar to Sahana
  • Giving a Tutorial on S3Core
  • Integrating All Work from GCI
    • Translations
    • Scenarios
  • Update all documentation for migration from Launchpad to GitHub
  • Implement Sahana Eden as a Sahana Software Foundation management tool
  • Engage prospective GSoC Students
  • Updating Book
  • ...
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