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A Virtual Weekend Hackathon / Code Sprint / Doc Sprint to work together on a focused set of tasks. These could include some (but not all) of:

  • Introductory Webinar to Sahana
  • Giving a Tutorial on S3Core
  • Integrating All Work from GCI
    • Translations
    • Scenarios
  • Complete migration from Launchpad to GitHub
    • Sets a deadline
    • Provide help to people for migration
    • Update all documentation
  • Implement Sahana Eden as a Sahana Software Foundation management tool
  • Engage prospective GSoC Students
  • Updating Book

Please feel free to add any ideas you may have and join in the discussion on the Sahana Eden MailingList to help design a great Sahanathon!


To be decided. Options (Initial your availability):

  • 17-18 March 2012 (MH)
  • 24-25 March 2012 (MH)


Sign up if you're interested:

  • Michael Howden


Give away a copy of the Sahana Eden Essentials Book as a prize for best....

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