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Participation in Sahanathon



A Virtual Weekend Hackathon / Code Sprint to work together on a setting up Sahana Eden to be used by Sahana Software Foundation for Community Management. There could also be tasks to work on updating Docs. If you're interested in getting involved, get in touch with the community through the Sahana Eden MailingList (


23rd - 25th March 2012 (Tentative)


Add your name here if you're interested and subscribe to the Sahana Eden MailingList ( for more updates:

  • Michael Howden
  • Sriram Raghu
  • Louiqa Raschid
  • Fran Boon
  • Aneesh Dogra


Ideas for Future Sahanathons

  • Introductory Webinar to Sahana
  • Giving a Tutorial on S3Core
  • Integrating All Work from GCI
    • Translations
    • Scenarios
  • Update all documentation for migration from Launchpad to GitHub
  • Implement Sahana Eden as a Sahana Software Foundation management tool
  • Engage prospective GSoC Students
  • Updating Book
  • ...
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