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This project draws ideas from the two Blueprints below:

Weekly Meeting

Time : Thursday 1300 UTC

Venue : Skype (Contact - ashwyn10)

Meeting Doc :


Goal Remarks Status
S3ChannelModel redefined Done.
RSS Integration Done.
Identifying Relevant Users [Geo-Typical User Identification]Doing.
Super Entity msg_message Link all inboxes/outboxes to msg_message Done for Email, Twilio and RSS
Evaluating KeyGraph on the local system Topic detection helps filter out irrelevant information Done.
Tweet Crawler Identified and used TweetSearch( as the best available option that uses Twitter REST API 1.1 Done.
Tweaking KeyGraph code to archive into a jar file. Done.
Interfacing KeyGraph with the database The KeyGraph code needs to be tweaked so that it can interact with the DB using Py4J Doing.
Integrated support for Py4J Gateway to interact with Java applications using python Doing.
Visualisation of parsed output from KeyGraph Interactive visualisation support for the KeyGraph results. Possible.
Social Media Dashboard Design the situational awareness dashboard (DMRP template) Possible
Interactive keyword highlighting Selecting and highlighting tool for adding keyword Possible
Marking senders Marking senders as trusted/untrusted Possible
Writing automated tests Testing phase Possible
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