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This project draws ideas from the Blueprint below:

Weekly Meeting

Time : Wednesday 1100 UTC

Venue : IRC sahana-meeting

Meeting Doc :


Project Goals and Timeline

Due Date SMART goal Measure Status
First Half (17 June - 05 August)
17 June Retrieve list of active modules and mark them selected by default List was correctly retrieved Completed
21 June Display only active modules along with name_nice Core modules and others were hidden correctly Completed
28 June Build a dependency system for selection of modules Was done correctly for inv module and tested (When only inv was selected strings from supply were also displayed) Completed
5th July Retrieve list of csv files from tasks.cfg file inside template folder Using S3BulkImporter Class Completed
10th July Use S3Represent to check which csv files are to be considered It is done only for org_sector & org_organisation_type and strings from these csv files were retrieved correctly Completed
15th July Get po files from Used requests, zipfile to get the po file Po file was received Completed
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