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    2626* [ User Interface]
    28 == Committing Code ==
    29 See:
     28== Submitting Code ==
     30Please read this, about how to use git and GitHub, but we have some differences for GCI, which are explained below.
     33We will be using a GitHub repository just for GCI, rather than submitting code directly to the main repository.
     34This will help us conserve the time of the (very busy) folks who have to approve submissions to the main repository.
     36(We are setting up the GCI repository now, and will post a link to it shortly, right here.)
     38Also, we will use several branches in that GCI repository to receive the pull requests, to make it simpler and faster
     39to get them merged, as we can review and merge them in parallel.
     41So, there will be two changes to the procedure for submitting code.
     43When you have code ready for review by a mentor, ask which branch in the GCI repository you should send your pull request to.
     44The mentor will make sure this branch is up to date.
     46The first steps to submit your work are the same as in the wiki page linked above.
     47* "Squash" your commits into one.
     48* Rebase from the main repository, so your branch is fully up to date, and has no conflicts.
     49* Push your commit to your Eden repository on GitHub.
     50* Open the GitHub page for your Eden repository.
     51* Click the "Compare and Create Pull Request" button shown on that commit.
     53The next step is where the change comes in:
     54* The pull request page will have a line that shows which repository and branch you are sending the pull request too.
     55  You will need to change both, to the GCI repository and the branch name supplied by the mentor.
     56  * There will be a down-arrow next to the repository -- that will give you a list of repositories. Select the GCI repository.
     57  * Then use the down-arrow on the branch -- select your branch.
     58* Create the pull request.
     61* Continue with the code review as usual.
     63After the mentor accepts your pull request, the GCI admins will collect your commits and those of other students into one
     64pull request each day (or every few days) and submit that to the main repository. Your commits will have your name on the,
     65and will show up in the main repository.
    3167== Mentors ==