Why Web2Py?

Web2Py is a modern environment which has been built to learn from the good & bad of other frameworks (such as Django & Ruby on Rails):

  • Easy to Install
    • no dependencies
    • can run off USB
    • can easily backup/move between hosts
  • Rapid Application Development environment
    • especially relevant to Sahana where on-the-fly emergency customisations are the norm during deployments
    • simple for unskilled programmers to add new modules (although full power still available to those with skills to hand-build HTML pages &/or python modules)
    • integrated web-based IDE can be used for all functionality (although can also use other IDEs)
  • Database abstraction
    • including scalability from SQLite through to Google App Engine (GAE)
    • we-based database administration tool which works across all back-ends
  • MVC design approach to separate Presentation from Code
  • In-Built Translation interface


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