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Grameen Development Services

Requirements for Information Management of DRR Portal for Maharajganj

Deployment Scenario

  • Online, publically accessible instance. Subdomain of
  • Offline, on one of the PCs at project location. At a point this will be the main point of data entry and data will need to be synced up to online install of Eden.
    • Offline install will, ideally, also have: GSM Modem setup to make calls/send SMS alerts.

Users of the System

  • GDS Humanitarian Response Team
    • Write access to all data
  • GDS Head Office
    • Write access to all data
  • Partners/Donors. Oxfam (India/Novib)
    • Read access to all data - I think they should just have read access to a comprehensive/daily situation reports, and any other "read" only resource that we want them to see. Primarily I think we want the system to be able to send reports to them, in a particular format daily. In future, if need be we can give read/write access to required data as and when needed?
  • Public
    • Read access to just some data


Contact List of:

  • Field Volunteers and CBOs (Community based organisations)
  • Team Members
  • GDS Humanitarian Team
  • Government Departments
  • Transport
  • Pharmacists
  • Food-material Suppliers
  • Non-Food material Suppliers
  • CSOs (Civil Society Organisation)

Reporting Needs

(with proper GDS Branding)


  • River-water Levels (Twice: 8am, 3pm)
  • Rainfall (Once)

Incident based

Any R&R work or distribution work done.

(This goes on to the Situation Map?)

  1. Recipients through automated emails upon data entry: GDS HO, Oxfam, Local NGOs, NIDM, NDMA, Sahyog, IAG-UP
  2. Current Format for recipients: The pdf file of water-levels and rainfall sent twice daily.
  3. All the above reports should be available for public view as well on dashboard.

Features Required

  • Volunteer Management - Volunteers are selected/trained members from the village. They won't be accessing the system. - Need to record their profile info with skills/training they have received. (PR+Creating a Group named "Volunteer" can do?"
  • Person Registry (to manage villager's profile)
  • Employee Information/GDS Response Team
  • Warehouse/Inventory Data
    • How many warehouses? What workflow for adding/transferring/removing items? Procurement happens outside?
  • Messaging - Alerts via SMS/Email.
  • Dashboard for Internal Team and a Public Dashboard with feeds. (like news room feed from

Type of Data

  • Most of the existing data is in Excel/Word documents with non-UTF/non-standard Hindi fonts.
  • Flood related alerts/Water Level information and Rainfall data of forecast sites is recieved in Hindi as well
  • Locations Hierarchy needs to have names in multiple languages (Hindi, English & Local language)
  • Location Hierarchy --> State --> District--> Block --> Nyaya Panchayat -->Gram Sabha/Panchayat-->Village
  • Dealing with "India" and "Uttar Pradesh" state data only for now for this deployment.
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