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     2= Aerial Imagery =
     4Aerial Imagery (includign Satellite) can be used as a base layer in Sahana.
     6The easiest services to use are Google and Bing as they don't require you to host anything yourself.
     8== Google ==
     9This is the easiest to use as it doesn't require the use of an API key.
     11There are Satellite & Hybrid layers avaialble, as well as the !MapMaker Hybrid and also a 3D Google Earth plugin.
     12* these latter require an API Key: {{{settings.gis.api_google = ""}}} [!ToDo: Test these out with current Google APIs]
     14== Bing ==
     15You need to add the [ API Key] to your {{{models/}}}:
     17settings.gis.api_bing = ""
     20You can check the coverage of Bing Imagery in the area that you're interested in here:
     23== !OpenAerialMap ==
     24This project is trying to restart as it now has some funding to do so:
     27== Custom ==
     28If you have your own imagery then you can provide tiles to Sahana as either TMS or XYZ. WMTS support would be easy to add if-required.
     30Tiles could be built / served by loading one or more GeoTIFFs into !GeoServer and serve as WMS or TMS with !GeoWebCache:
     33A similar workflow could be done with !MapServer.
     35For small areas (e.g. a single munipality) then you could use GDAL to build the tiles & simply serve them via a Web server. However this requires you to generate *all* tiles at once and doesn't support single-colour tiles (e.g. for Oceans which don't nee complexity and so can take advantage of server-optimisations).