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Aerial Imagery

Aerial Imagery (includign Satellite) can be used as a base layer in Sahana.

The easiest services to use are Google and Bing as they don't require you to host anything yourself.


This is the easiest to use as it doesn't require the use of an API key.

There are Satellite & Hybrid layers avaialble, as well as the MapMaker Hybrid and also a 3D Google Earth plugin.

  • these latter require an API Key: settings.gis.api_google = "" [ToDo: Test these out with current Google APIs]


You need to add the API Key to your models/

settings.gis.api_bing = ""

You can check the coverage of Bing Imagery in the area that you're interested in here:


This project is trying to restart as it now has some funding to do so:


If you have your own imagery then you can provide tiles to Sahana as either TMS or XYZ. WMTS support would be easy to add if-required.

Tiles could be built / served by loading one or more GeoTIFFs into GeoServer and serve as WMS or TMS with GeoWebCache:

A similar workflow could be done with MapServer.

For small areas (e.g. a single munipality) then you could use GDAL to build the tiles & simply serve them via a Web server. However this requires you to generate *all* tiles at once and doesn't support single-colour tiles (e.g. for Oceans which don't nee complexity and so can take advantage of server-optimisations).

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