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Getting Started with Sahana Eden

Thank you for participating in the first GHC Codeathon for Humanity with the Sahana-Eden project! Here are a few resources to help you get started.

Install the code and tools…

The virtual machine install allows you to completely set-up the Sahana-Eden development environment using Virtual Box - no fussing with your native OS installation.

Please let us know if there are any problems!

Play with (a) Python…

  • If you don't (yet) know Python, that's not a problem -- it's a pleasant language that's easy to get started with quickly. We'd suggest looking at the introductory lessons - Dive into Python
  • Best is, start up Python and try out commands interactively. (If you did the above installation, you'll have Python in the virtual machine.)

Try out Sahana Eden…

If all else fails, read the manual…

More Helpful Presentations

Setup a Launchpad Account

Get Help!

Codeathon for Humanity Specific

You can also ask Sahana-Eden questions here

Sahana-Eden Specific

Everyone is very helpful and friendly!

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