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Haiti Emergency Response: 2010 Earthquake


Volunteers Task List:

Please also download an IRC client & join us at #sahana at Freenode:

GNU/Linux & MS Windows

Contributors List

We would like to track all the people that have contributed time and effort to our Haiti response.

Open Bugs and Usability Testing:

We would like to welcome volunteers to report bugs on the Sahana Haiti Portal. Before a new version of the portal is released it is submitted to User Acceptance Testing (UAT) at the test portal: Bugs are reported on this Trac system and we track coverage at the TestCases page. See Bug Reporting Guidelines for more information.

Key Links for Testers:


Progression of code will normally be from Dev -> UAT -> Prod


For developers that wish to assist Sahana, we have a number of different coding options to help out. You don't need to have all these skills, any of them will be of use. Even if you have none of these, jump into #sahana and we may be able to find some way for you to help out based upon your skillset.

  • Python - all the core coding is undertaken in Python
  • web2py - this is the application framework that we use in Python for SahanaPy
  • OpenLayers - this is the client javascript library we use for mapping in the browser
  • jQuery - additional view tweaks are done using this powerful yet simple JavaScript library
  • XSLT/XPath - a lot of import/export functionality is created using XSLT templates written using XPath. For more info see XsltTemplates

See this page for guidelines on setting up a local SahanaPy instance:

Note that for Haiti response, if you wish to work on RMS you will want the bzr command below to check out the Haiti branch (if working on other aspects then these should normally be merged with Trunk 1st as per the Release Process.

We have some developer guidelines available:

We have a few development strands (listed in rough order of priority):



  • Next prod update
    • migrate=True before bzr pull

IRC Channels:

Work is being coordinated via IRC Chat.

  • #sahana Main Channel, Data Entry & System Testing
  • #sahana-py Coding
  • #sahana-gis GIS

Speak to any of these people for help: ajuonline, bitner, chamindra, flavour, gavin_t, lifeeth, michaelhowden, mprutsalis, nursix, timClicks

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