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Haiti GIS

bitnerd & flavour coordinating

  • Provide admin UI for feature_to_feature_group, feature_class_to_feature_group, etc
    • controllers/ & views/gis/...
    • Features are stored in the table gis_location
    • Feature Classes are types of Feature & determine their Marker (Icon): gis_feature_class
    • Feature Groups are collections of Features & Feature Groups & determine whether they appear as a separate layer on the Map to be enabled/disabled: gis_feature_group
    • There are Many-to-Many tables linking these together (defined in models/
    • There are basic Controller functions for editing these resources, however they aren't fully-exposed to users (need to type URL manually)
    • We want nice User interface for these & menus (menus for GIS need some wider cleanup work anyway)
  • KML Export
    • Include Marker?
    • Polygon support (currently uses Centroid)
    • Provide UI to access per-featuregroup feeds
  • GeoRSS Export
    • Polygon support (currently uses Centroid)
    • Provide UI to access per-featuregroup feeds

  • Separate out the Internal Features from External Features in LayerSwitcher (GeoExt skills)
    • views/gis/map_viewing_client.html +68
  • Popups for KML/GeoRSS overlays (works in Chrome & IE8, but not FF)
    • views/gis/ol_layers_georss.js
    • views/gis/ol_layers_kml.js
      <crschmidt> so two selectfeature controls don't work
      <crschmidt> they work in safari because safari fails at SVG
      <crschmidt> so you need to fix your code
      <crschmidt> specifically, what you should do is:
      <crschmidt>  1. Change from "OnFeatureSelect" on the control to registereing for the "Featureselected" Event on the layer
      <crschmidt> (The API is a bit different; featureselected event functions get an 'evt' object that has a .feature property you can access)
      <crschmidt>  2. Create a single SelectFeature control with multiple layers: new OpenLayers.Control.SelectFeature([layer1, layer2]);
      <flavour> We already do 2. within KML/GeoRSS/Internal Features, so what we need is a single one for all 3 types: good copy
      <flavour> I'd seen 1. in some examples
      <crschmidt> yeah
      <crschmidt> it's the more recent style
      <crschmidt> the 'onfeatureselect' stuff is old and busted because it wasn't well thought out
      <crschmidt> there's a reasonably concise example there
      <crschmidt> as well as
  • Unzip KMZ layers
  • WMS Caps Browser
  • Image layers
  • KML Import
  • GeoRSS Import


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