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Haiti MPR (Missing Persons Registry)

  • DVI is live
    • UserGuidelinesDVI
    • This needs to be restricted to just a specific role
      • Should be sufficient to lock down controllers/ in the same way as controllers/
      • & then not provide any access to these tables from other non-admin controllers
  • Need a matcher with data from MPR (MPR is public, but in this instance most MPR data will come from other sources - Google, haitianearthquakes, etc)
  • VITA
    • Simple forms for unauthenticated to report found/missing
  • Synchronisation
  • Security Policy plugins for REST Controller:
    • Allow unregistered users to record Missing/Found persons
    • Allow database of missing/found persons to be secured against unregistered users?
    • How to handle the fact that MPR is just a front-end for PR?
      • need to also patch PR's REST controller? (& all others which refer to this table!)


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