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ToDo: Haiti Orgs Branch

  • Data Entry
    • List of Sectors:
      • Agriculture
      • Shelter and Non-Food Items
      • Coordination and Support Services
      • Food
      • Infrastructure and Rehabilitation
      • Security
      • Water and Sanitation
      • Education
      • Health
      • Protection and Human Rights and Rule of Law
      • Urban Search and Rescue

  • IS_ONE_OF() custom validator (in modules/ doesn't currently render a Multi-Select with multiple=True. Reza tackling
    • once-fixed then replace the IS_IN_DB() currently used for or_sector
  • Streamline Interface
    • GPS Conversion Tool accessibility
      • jQuery tabs?
  • Provide users with an automatic email once their login has been approved
  • GIS (Bitnerd coordinating)
    • Offices layer visible in Map Viewing Client (only?)
      • views/gis/map_viewing_client.html
    • Popups for GeoRSS overlays
      • views/gis/ol_layers_georss.js
    • Popups for KML overlays
      • views/gis/ol_layers_kml.js
    • KML Import
    • KML Export
      • Dual 'or' in the URL to be stripped
    • GeoRSS Import
    • GeoRSS Export
    • Separate out the Internal Features from External Features in LayerSwitcher
    • Load GIS data
  • Admin
    • Show in List View for Auth Users whether their account is enabled/disabled/pending
    • /orgs/admin/users/1
      • Filter the list of users to just those *not* in the role already


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