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     1= Building AMIs for easier deployment =
     3If your region doesn't yet have a Sahana AMI in, then it is easy to create one which allows easier deployment of future instances for both you & others. The only cost to you is a small amount of time to publish it & then using up your 1Gb Snapshot allowance within the free tier.
     5* Install the instance as-above
     6* Don't run the configure script
     7* Shutdown the EBS instance.
     9shutdown -h now
     13* Go to your aws console for the current region at [ | EC2 Console]
     15* Select the debian instance you just prepared in the "Instances"
     17* Select " Create Image (EBS AMI) " in the "Instance Actions" drop down.
     19[[Image(, 75%)]]
     21* Choose an Image name - Lets say - "Sahana Eden" and fill in a description.
     23[[Image(, 75%)]]
     25* Click "Create this Image"
     27* Go to the "AMIS" menu and select "Owned by me" and "All Platforms" in the Viewing dropdown.
     29[[Image(, 75%)]]
     31* Wait for about 5 minutes and hit refresh for the AMI you just built to appear.
     33* Select the AMI and click the Permissions button - Select public, to make the image public.
     35[[Image(, 75%)]]
     37Keep Templates as EBS Volumes as this is cheaper than Snapshots