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Installation of a Sahana Eden Cluster

Table of Contents

  1. Middleware
  2. See Also

NB This is NOT a supported architecture currently. We have no knowledge of anyone succesfully deploying like this, although it should be theoretically possible

Scalable 3-tier architecture:

  • Database server (which could be Amazon RDS, and maybe a warm standby)
  • Middleware servers (Web2Py & hence Eden)
  • Web servers (e.g. Apache or Cherokee)


Some folders will need to be on a shared filesystem (e.g. NFS):

  • /uploads (or they could be synced across e.g. using rsync)
  • /errors {if these are to be viewed using Web UI)
  • /static/img/markers (unless markers don't need to be customised via Web UI)
  • /sessions (A better option is to use memcache for this - see
  • /databases (if using dynamic tables, such as gis_layer_shapefile, otherwise these can simply be synced together, e.g. using rsync. Or we can now store these in the DB using's DatabaseStoredFile)

See Also

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