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Installation Guidelines: Linux (Production: Apache/MySQL)

Production Installs that are maintained by others are usually installed with Apache & MySQL.

  • Apache is a well-supported & flexible web server which can run Sahana well through mod_WSGI
  • MySQL is a well-supported database with an easy-to-use Admin UI (phpMyAdmin)

The simplest way to install is using our installation scripts.

Below are the instructions for Debian Squeeze 6, which is our best-supported platform.

If, instead, you need to use CentOS then a script is avaialble here: InstallationGuidelinesLinuxScript

This is split into 2 halves, as the 1st script can create a base image which is then customised per-instance using the configure script.

Note: We install using the latest Stable versions of both Web2Py & Eden to reduce the risk of problems.

Before Imaging Include(, text/plain)

After Imaging Include(, text/plain)

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