Installation Guidelines: Linux (Production: Apache/PostgreSQL/Debian8)

The simplest way to install is using our attached installation scripts.

Please adopt the parameters of the scripts to your needs. You can use the scripts unaltered if you have a virgin debian8 installation. They should work out of the box. The clean script which will be installed in /user/local/bin will include the database connection! Please alter them afterwards if you change the connection parameters (database/port)!

These assume that you are installing on Debian Stable (8 'Jessie').

  • Ubuntu will be similar, although you may need to tweak the setup (e.g. different PostgreSQL versions)

This is split into 2 halves, as the 1st script can create a base image which is then customised per-instance using the configure script.

Give execute permission to your script:

chmod +x /path/to/

Since . refers to the current directory: if is in the current directory, you can simplify this to:


Note: We install using the latest Trunk versions of Eden. This can occasionally cause teething problems, so if you want a safer route then you may be better off with the Apache/MySQL option or modifying these scripts to use the Stable versions of Eden.

Before Imaging Include(, text/plain)

After Imaging Include(, text/plain)


If you wish to update your site from an alternate github repo this can be done using:

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