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Installation Guidelines: Linux (Production)

Whilst any Linux distribution should be suitable, we use & hence support Debian v7 'Wheezy'. This is best installed using the netinst CD image. Default settings can be accepted, although we would recommend a dedicated partition for /var/log to reduce the possibility of a Denial of Service attack. It is not recommended to install a graphical desktop, so this should be de-selected.

The easiest way to install onto Debian is to use the scripts which we've developed. If you wish to do a manual install, then you may use these parts of these scripts as guidance (they are suitably commented). The scripts can be uploaded to the server using WinSCP. All administration can be done using PuTTY.

We support either:

We support either of these on Amazon's EC2

Other combinations are, of course, possible, but we don't provide installation scripts for these.


Here are a few notes on other platforms which should work, but which aren't supported by us:

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