Installation Guidelines: Mac - Developer (Manual)

Install Apple Xcode Developer Tools

You will need Apple's Xcode Developer Tools, found at the Apple Developer Connection site or in the Mac App Store. Using the latest available version that will run on your OS is highly recommended.

Install Command Line Tools

The Xcode Command Line Tools need to be installed after Xcode has been installed. To install the Command Line Tools:

  1. Open Xcode
  2. Open Xcode -> Preferences, and select the Download tab.
  3. Under the Components tab, click the Install button next to Command Line Tools. Note that this may require you to create a developer account with Apple to complete the download.

If you do not see Command Line Tools under the Components tab you can run the command xcode-select --install in the terminal to preform the same operation.

Caution: The Xcode download is over 3GB.

Installation via Homebrew

If you aren't already using Homebrew, install it now.

GIS tools

For some GIS features of Eden (e.g. if you would rather use PostgreSQL with PostGIS instead of MySQL) you are required to install the GDAL framework. GEOS is also required, and is a dependency of shapely.

brew install gdal geos


It's probable that you already have Python 2.7.x installed but check with python -V. If you don't, or want an OS-version-independent installation, install with Homebrew: brew install python.

The Homebrew version of Python also installs pip which you'll use for the following required Python packages:

pip install python-dateutil
pip install lxml
pip install shapely
pip install reportlab
pip install xlrd
pip install xlwt
pip install pyserial
pip install tweepy
pip install Pillow

PostgreSQL + PostGIS extensions

If you want to use PostgreSQL - PostGIS (for which you will need GDAL, above):

brew install postgresql postgis


Check whether you already have git installed by:

which git

If not then

brew install git


Configure git; install Web2Py and Sahana Eden:

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